China RoHS Services


DCA's service offerings for China RoHS parallel those offered for companies that need to comply with the European Union's RoHS Directive. Why? Despite the fact that the Chinese law is quite different, it effectively requires the same thing: that you know what substances your product is made from and you modify your business processes to ensure that you continue to know. Relevant services include

  • Market and Product Assessment We provide answers to these questions: Are our products covered by EU/China/Korea/India/Vietnam/New York/etc. RoHS and WEEE and other material and recycling legislation throughout the world? Are there exemptions we can take advantage of? What should we be doing now and in the future?

  • Training DCA is well-known for producing on-site private seminars that both bring you up to speed on worldwide environmental regulations and legislation, as well as relate the impact on your company and level-set everyone's understanding. Our two-hour China RoHS seminar is the most informative and business-focused seminar on the planet. Your implementation team will have a clear understanding and guidance to move forward after this event.

  • DCA offers a suite of services including data/BOM/product review, gap assessments and business process revision intended to both help and validate Electronics OEMs’ approaches to the challenge of continued environmental compliance.

  • On-Demand Consulting When you need a quick answer, clarification on points of contention, detailed research, or a knowledgeable opinion on environmental regulations and requirements, we can provide it.

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updated May 2, 2016

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